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Who, what, how, when and WHY Ladies of the Valley!

Episode Summary

Show host and founder of Ladies of the Valley; Megan Adams is joined by Breann Starken, admin, to explain the ins and outs of Ladies of the Valley. This episode will cover WHO we are, WHAT we do for you and for the Chippewa Valley community, WHY we do it, and HOW we do it, and how you can too!

Episode Notes

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Breann Starken with Citizens State Bank, and also admin of Ladies of the Valley joins Megan Adams, Founder, of Ladies of the Valley, and Home Girl Megs with Coldwell Banker Brenizer, Realtors to explain to listeners the WHO, WHAT, WHY, WHEN, and HOW of LOTV.

We talked about the beginning stages of LOTV, how the idea came to fruition. How Megan grew and maintained the groups integrity of support the whole time. We go into detail to show you what goes on in our group, what the requirements are (very few!!)  and how we started implementing events into our Facebook based group to grow connections among members. 

To join Ladies of the Valley follow this link:

To contact Bre follow this link:

To contact Megan follow this link:

Thank you so much LOTV member - Breann Starken for joining us on the podcast this week to introduce Ladies of the Valley!


To join LOTV, go to Facebook, search Ladies of the Valley in groups, click join- There are no requirements other than you are a woman who lives in the Chippewa Valley within 25 minutes, or click the link above!


On the next episode we will be sitting down with LOTV member Sarah Stokes with Juicy Good Life and Stokes|Herzog!